My dogs

Although I work very serious with them, my dogs live with me in my house, and make an important part of my daily life. The dogs form a strong and stable group. They are very friendly towards people, children and other animals.  They are watchful, but don’t bark very much.
Active as they are outside, they are very calm indoors.

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Ch. Aimable Moustache v.d. Perwaborg


Gerda z Těšínovských buků (Tara)


Ch. Cedra Bohemská perla NJK’09,W’09, W’10, W’12, W’13, CW’10


Ch. Era Bohemská perla NJK ’13, CW’13, CW’17 W’14, W’15, W’17, WW’18, W’18

Hexa Bohemská perla